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NREL's South Table Mountain campus
Accelerating Our Clean Energy Future Through Research, Innovation, and Education

About the Foundation

The NREL Foundation is an independent, non-profit entity that supports NREL’s mission and enables a broad set of activities and approaches by leveraging non-federal funding resources that enhance the laboratory’s capabilities and impact.

Our Story

Established in 2021, the NREL Foundation serves as a bridge between NREL and donors. The foundation allows new partners and sources of capital to find ways to accelerate NREL’s mission and provides a more flexible operating platform for the laboratory.

By aggregating funding in the form of grants from disparate sources to support programs that are significant to NREL and the Department of Energy (DOE), the NREL Foundation fills the gap in the current advanced energy, cleantech ecosystem by serving as a force multiplier for NREL’s mission.

By creating the foundation, NREL follows the example of several national labs that created lab-associated foundations and others looking to establish foundations at their respective labs. These foundations have increasing access to private sector, philanthropic funding and seek flexibility to conduct mission-related programs using new mechanisms.